About FHT

The Falmouth Housing Trust (FHT) was organized in 1986 under Massachusetts General Law as a Community Development Corporation, (CDC) tasked with combating homelessness and promoting individual home-ownership for persons of low to moderate income for the Town of Falmouth, and its surrounding areas. The Trust is an independent non-profit, 501(c)3, organization that works in conjunction with local agencies and Town government.

The Trust Board acts independently of Town of Falmouth Committees and Boards, but does work in collaboration with them to achieve its goals and objectives through open dialogue and interaction.

Board terms are staggered to allow for continuity and transitioning. Each November the Board of Directors internally elects its Officers: President, Vice President, Clerk, and Treasurer. The Officers serve for two-year terms and can be reelected by a majority vote of the Board. The President appoints other committees with the discretion and support of the Board on an as-needed basis.

The Falmouth Housing Trust has an Executive Director who carries out the policies and programs set annually by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director is responsible for developing an annual plan of activities for the Falmouth Housing Trust, cultivating and soliciting funding proposals, maintaining relationships with the FHT membership, local businesses and elected officials, state and federal agencies and the Falmouth community. The Executive Director is responsible for program administration, compliance, maintaining a ready-to-buy list, reporting, and handling sales and leases of affordable units.

The Falmouth Housing Trust does contract for services with local independent companies and organizations as the need arises, to realize its organizational goals and obligations.