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Ways to Give

Gifts to the Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc. help us to fund special projects, add programming, and serve more Falmouth constituents.

Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc. is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization; all gifts are tax deductible.

Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc. accepts all donations. You may designate donations to where it’s most needed or as a restricted donation for a particular use or project. Please refer to out Current Initiatives.

If you would like to make a special gift, please contact Karen Bissonnette, Chief Developmnet Officer at the Falmouth Housing Trust, by phone 508-540-2370 or email: .

Ways of Giving

Gifts of Cash

Check or Money Order
Please make checks payable to Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc.

Credit Card

Selling or Donating Property to FHT
If you donate property to FHT you are entitled to a charitable tax deduction for the full value of the property. FHT would collaborate with you to ensure the best possible use of the property. If you choose to sell your property to FHT for less than it’s worth, you would also be entitled to a charitable deduction on the difference between the sale amount and the property value. By helping FHT to acquire property, you could be part of the solution to Falmouth’s housing crisis.

An Unbuildable or Undersized Lot
If you own property that is undersized and too small for you to build upon, you could choose to sell or donate it to Falmouth Housing Trust. As a nonprofit that develops affordable housing, FHT can apply for a comprehensive permit that would allow FHT to create much-needed housing on lots that would not otherwise meet minimum size requirements.

Will or Bequest
Including the Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc. in your will or trust is the most frequent method of deferred giving. It requires simple language, such as: “I give, devise, and bequeath to Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc. all (or a percentage) of the residue of my estate to be used in such a manner as its Board of Directors determines for its general purposes.” This type of gift can be an important way to help Falmouth Housing Trust ensure that we will continue to serve the housing needs of Falmouth for years to come.

Gifts of Securities
You can make a bigger impact by giving appreciated securities including stocks, bonds or mutual funds to the Falmouth Housing Trust. Donating appreciated stock is better than giving cash because you can take a charitable deduction for the fair market value on the day of the gift, thereby avoiding capital gain taxes. Please contact Karen Bissonnette, Chief Development Officer, for more information and delivery instructions at 508-540-2370.

Gifts from your IRA
At age 70 1/2, you can transfer up to $100,000 to charities tax free. The gift counts towards your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for that year. This can be a great way to avoid taxes on your RMD and to support the Falmouth Housing Trust.

Gift Annuity
An annuity guarantees life income to the donor while providing a future benefit to the Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc.

Charitable Trusts
Charitable trusts provide a vehicle for a donor to establish a final gift for the Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc. while earning income from the established trust during the donor’s lifetime.

Life Insurance
By purchasing a life insurance policy and designating the Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc. as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary, a donor’s annual premium is considered a charitable contribution and the policy may create a gift much larger than a donor might otherwise be able to contribute. Another option is the donation of a paid life insurance policy to the Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc.

Matching Gifts
Many large corporations have established a program to match contributions made by their employees to charitable organizations. For more information, please check with your benefits or human resource manager or contact the Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc. to inquire.

Memorial or Honorary Gift
If you have a family member or friend whose life has been touched by Falmouth Housing Trust Inc. or its mission, we hope you’ll consider making a gift to us in honor of that person. Providing a gift establishes a living tribute that allows you to honor a loved one or yourself while supporting our continuing efforts and receiving personal financial benefits from your contribution. All donations are personally acknowledged (without mention of the monetary amount) and sent to the honored relative or friend or to the family of the deceased.

In-Kind Gifts
Many businesses and individuals make in-kind charitable gifts. These are gifts of services or items that have a monetary value, but no exchange of currency takes place. In-kind donations include building materials and supplies, labor, or professional services.

In-kind gifts are acknowledged and may be taken by the donor as a charitable tax-deduction; however the Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc. is unable to value such gifts per IRS regulations. Typically, a donor can calculate the value of such a gift in accordance with IRS tax regulations with the assistance of their certified public accountant.

10 reasons to donate to the FHT