Monitoring , Collaboration & Counseling

The Trust provides programs, services, advocacy, assistance, and related activities to promote and support the creation and preservation of affordable and attainable housing for the Town of Falmouth.

Other interests and activities the Trust engages in are economic development, outreach, education, and real estate development as it relates to affordable housing for our low- to moderate-income constituency.

The Falmouth Housing Trust works with applicants and other housing advocates when a deed-restricted property becomes available for sale or resale, and acts as monitoring agent for affordable housing properties located within the Town of Falmouth.

The Trust currently serves as the Monitoring Agent for many deed restricted properties. FHT verifies annually that all affordable units are owner occupied, that owners do not profit through their ownership, and no liens or loans have been recorded against the properties that could jeopardize their affordability. FHT handles all re-sales of affordable units and qualifies buyers for the transaction and assists them in the process.