Past Projects

Deer Pond Road

Fundraising and property development for the Deer Pond Road project began in the fall of 2018 with construction completed in March 2019. Development costs totaled over $300,000 and the home was sold under a permanent deed restriction as “affordable” for $195,000. As with all affordable housing, the permanent deed restriction ensures that future owners will benefit from the property’s affordability status in perpetuity.

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Odd Fellows Hall @ One Chancery Lane Project Saves Historic Building, Creates Affordable Housing

Originally constructed as Falmouth’s Village Grammar school in 1856, Odd Fellows Hall @ One Chancery Lane is a cherished local icon that had been in disuse for decades. Falmouth Housing Trust acquired the property in 2015 for the purpose of rehabilitating the building and converting it into affordable housing.

The building’s most notable feature is its facade with portico, porch, and two story columns. While maintaining the original appearance of these historically significant features with energy efficient substitutes, Falmouth Housing Trust has converted this neglected landmark into four modern, code compliant affordable rental apartments.

The first of its kind in Falmouth, this project is an innovative, sustainable approach toward solving our local housing crisis.

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St. Mark's Road Affordable Housing Development Project

St. Mark’s Road

St. Mark’s Road was completed in 2015. Three homes were built and sold to low-moderate income working Falmouth families who qualified for their own mortgage, with a modest down-payment saved, and good credit. The one acre parcel was subdivided into three separate and distinct lots, with two Cape Cod style houses, and one ranch style house built to blend in with the surrounding neighborhood. The homes all feature 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open floor-plans, and hardwood floors. The houses were built to the Certified Tier One Energy Star standard utilizing green energy elements wherever possible. The homes have access to a Cape Cod RTA bus-stop on the northern tip of the lot, along Rt. 28, for improved transportation options for the entire neighborhood.

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East Ridge Road

East Ridge Road

East Ridge Road was built between the years of 2005-2007, adding six new home-ownership units to Falmouth’s growing affordable stock. The land, a total of 6.7 acres off Sam Turner Road in Hatchville, was donated to the Trust by the Town of Falmouth. The project was developed through at Comprehensive Permit under Chapter 40B, because of two-acre zoning in Hatchville. These houses were sold to individuals and families of low to moderate income, providing affordable home-ownership opportunities that otherwise would not have been available. The Falmouth Housing Trust serves as the monitoring agent on this project.

All 27 houses were sold as 100 percent affordable, based on an 80 percent median income in Barnstable County, set annually by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Esker Place

Esker Place was built collaboratively with the Falmouth Housing Authority and produced 18 deed-restricted affordable home-ownership units between the years 1991 and 2001 in Hatchville. The project experienced delays due to needed municipal infrastructure; namely the extension of Town of Falmouth water lines to the Hatchville area.  The 18 houses were ultimately built and sold to qualified homebuyers.  The Falmouth Housing Authority maintains the role of monitoring agent on the project.