Falmouth Enterprise
June 3, 2016

Falmouth and the Cape Cod region face a number of social and economic challenges in the coming years. Our needs include necessary infrastructure improvements, the increasing need for workforce housing, continued cultivation of a diverse year-round economy and the protection of our unique natural resources.

With the recent announcement of assistant town manager Heather Harper’s departure, numerous retirements in key departments and vacated positions left unfilled, the Town of Falmouth is in a unique position. We know Ms. Harper’s shoes will be hard to fill, and yet our town manager and board of selectmen have “a window of opportunity” to continue Mr. Suso’s reorganization efforts at town hall.

We remain hopeful the board will seize this rare occasion by placing community development, redevelopment and housing initiatives in the forefront. A reorganized administration with a strong community development department can accomplish great things for our town with a harmonized effort. Landuse, planning, housing, zoning, historic
preservation, economic growth, and innovation could be addressed by a single department comprised of professional individuals with the ability to be proactive versus reactive.

The 2014 Housing Demand Study made a number of recommendations to Falmouth. As active participants and sponsors of the study and the round table meeting, we remain committed to tackling these challenging issues. As key stakeholders, we hope for and look to receptive, informed elected and appointed officials and town administration.

We anticipate Ms. Harper’s sharing of innovative housing approaches the Cape Cod Commission and our 14 neighboring towns have undertaken. She will be in the rare position to continue to support Falmouth, after having served for over 20 years.

We realize that to overcome these key issues our community must work collaboratively, sharing ideas, expertise, and soliciting input from varied stakeholder groups.

We remain committed and our sleeves are rolled up!
Anne Connolly, Falmouth Housing Trust
Michael Galasso, Falmouth EDIC
Michael Kasparian, Falmouth Chamber of Commerce
Thomas Lacey, Falmouth Housing Authority

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