Historic Old Fellows Hall, Falmouth, MALocal artist, Karen Rinaldo, researched and painted the 10″ X 10″ oil on canvas painting of the Historic Odd Fellows Hall and donated the item to the Falmouth Housing Trust, Inc. for their Annual Meeting held Thursday, October 22, 2015. The one-of-a-kind painting of the iconic Falmouth structure features a wrap-around canvas which includes a unique personalization from the artist on its sides, “a school bell rang . on Chancery Lane ..and a poet’s name, is beloved.” With this phrase Ms. Rinaldo memorializes the building former use, as a Village Schoolhouse. The building was built in 1856, and its initial intended use was as a Village School. Katherine Lee Bates, who was born in 1859, attended the school for a short time prior to moving with her family to Wellesley in 1870-71 after the death of her father.